Welcome to Emmaus Path!

Welcome to The Emmaus Path!

To all of you who’ve been following along with my writing over the last several years, Thank you!

I’ve finally taken a step I’ve been meaning to for some time, and created this separate site, at EmmausPath.com, where all my faith-based writing can be collected without being mixed in with my secular writing.

As you may know if you’ve been reading my work, in my day job I am a journalist, columnist and editor. But, there is another side to me and my work. My calling is in ministry. Currently I am a lay minister in The Episcopal Church, in serious discernment to Holy Orders.

When I launched my personal blog I started adding in all my thoughts, in writing, on faith and religion. Soon, those overtook my other writing — which is awesome. But, I’ve become uncomfortable of late with my political commentary appearing alongside my faith-based writing, on the same site.

It is good for each of us to know where we stand on politics and social questions. And, we should invest the energy to be engaged in our civic life, to form strong opinions, defend them, to advocate for causes and to vote. This is the stuff that makes democracy work (er, sort of). But, when we step into the realm of faith, I believe we enter a realm that transcends worldly differences. 

So, I’ve moved all my faith-based writing here to EmmausPath.church.

If you enjoy political wonkiness, journalism pieces on suicide prevention and such, and (bad) attempts at haiku and short stories, please follow my secular blog at jamesrneal.com. God bless you all, and thanks for following along!

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