Thoughts from Vespers, July 27

From Vespers (Evening Prayer), from Ephesians 1

“Blessed be God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
who has blessed us, in Christ,
with every spiritual blessing in heaven.
In love, he chose us before the creation of the world,
to be holy and spotless in his sight.
He predestined us to be his adopted children through Jesus Christ,
simply because it pleased him to do so.
This he did for the praise of the glory of his grace,
of his free gift to us in his Beloved,
in whose blood we have gained redemption,
and the forgiveness of our sins.”

Perhaps the greatest deficit of this world is a lack of understanding of just how much we are loved. I see so many, on a daily basis, whose suffering can be traced back to this one lamentable deficiency. It hurts to see others feeling cut off from Love, even as I suffer this feeling myself (without any good or rational reason) from time to time.

What would the world look like, if we all fully understood, embraced, and lived according to the awesome love into which we were born? We, each of us, are born into a love that precedes creation.

Think about that for a moment. Of all that God created, God paused with great intent, great longing and passion, to shape and bring into being you, just as you are. Out of all creation, God paused, before creation, to make you — just the way you are — because God knew, out of all the billions of Her creatures — creation needed you.

Be you — be the You God made you to be — with passion, love and gratitude, knowing you are special to and well-loved by the Creator of all that is.

Lord God, let us see ourselves through your eyes, to see ourselves with your love, your grace, and your great vision for our place in your creation. And with this understanding of our infinite place in your creation, let us better love and serve those around us. Amen.

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