Our Beliefs

Our Faith Tradition is rooted in Scripture, especially the Gospel teachings of Jesus on peace, love, justice, and equality; in the teachings of the early Church Mothers and Fathers, Saints and Martyrs; and in the continuing inspiration of the Holy Spirit working through the living body of Christ’s Church.

Bring us your questions, your doubts. Orthodox Catholic Church of America is a “Three Council Church.” This means we, along with other ancient Oriental Orthodox Christians, recognize the full authority of only the first three Ecumenical Councils, out of the seven recognized by most churches, Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant. The first three councils solidified the Christian understanding of the Divinity of Christ and the Trinity. We take wisdom from the latter four councils, but stop short of seeking or accepting the dogmatic nature of their edicts. In a Three Council Tradition questions remain more important than answers, and we live, love and teach with a great adoration for the unknown and unknowable nature of God. Here, questions and doubt are not weakness, but an important part of the faith journey. Mystery and mysticism are embraced — in fact, they are essential.

Welcome to the East. Welcome to the Early Church. Christianity, at its founding, in the context of its original teachings, and in its true heart today, is an Eastern Religion — descended from Judaism (itself influenced by other Eastern traditions), born in the Middle East and first flourishing in Africa, Southwest Asia, the Middle East and India. As spiritual descendants of Antioch, Syria and India we strive to maintain the integrity of both Christianity’s Eastern roots and the theology of the Early Church, particularly in its first 300 years. Seen with 21st Century American eyes many of the Church’s early teachings, born of an Eastern context, may seem foreign. But, to attain the true Church, we believe this is an essential journey. We hope you’ll join us.

We are an Orthodox tradition inspired by the works of science and the deepest mysteries of God. Our faith is for believers and skeptics alike, as we have been a sanctuary and refuge to those disaffected by mainstream traditions and politically distorted teachings of Christ for nearly two millennia.

We celebrate the same Seven Sacraments as the other Orthodox, Catholic and Anglican churches: Baptism, the Eucharist (Communion), Confirmation or Chrismation (first Communion in the Roman Catholic tradition), Ordination, Holy Matrimony, Reconciliation of a Penitent (Confession), and Unction (prayer and anointing the sick with consecrated oil).

We are a tradition of faith and works, love and action, hope and spiritual transformation. Join us. No matter your personal or faith story, your questions or your hope, all are welcome.